How it works

  1. The first step is contacting us through our booking form. In a short time, you will be contacted by Prague Armory booking specialist via email and provided by detailed information about our services.
  2. As soon as you agree on the exact time, you will be sent PayPal deposit invoice (payable by any credit card), which is refundable for cancelation up to 1 week before shooting.
  3. On the day of your visit, you will be contacted by our driver and then transported from your desired location to the Prague Armory. Our shooting range is located about 20 minutes’ drive from the city center.
  4. Upon your arrival at the shooting range, you will need to sign required paperwork. Next step is a security briefing conducted in the English language.
  5. And here comes the fun part!! At this moment, you are having a real blast! Shooting great guns in a relaxed and safe environment.
  6. After the end of your prepaid shooting package, you will have the chance to take photographs. If you feel like you want more, it is possible to purchase extra shooting from our armory.
  7. You will receive a tasty snack and drink of your choice.
  8. We will take you back to the address of your stay, or any different location specified during the booking process.
  9. Once your experience is over, we hope to make it memorable for a long time. You will have cool pictures and a great story to share with family and friends. Then we will then be looking forward to your next visit.


Q: Can I make photos or videos during the shooting?
A: Yes ! As long as you stay behind the safety lines.

Q: Can I make photos posing with the guns?
A: Yes ! After the shooting you will have some time to take photos.